Documentation Services

I) Abstracting Services:

Health & Family Welfare Abstract:

A compilation of concise summaries of significant articles that appear in the current journals, monographs, research reports etc.  It is an on-line abstract service covering health, population, family welfare and related  areas.  It covers the abstracts of the articles published mainly in India and on India and are being received in NDC.  It includes author and subject index, key words have been provided from MESH and POPIN thesaurus.  It is published quarterly.

II) Indexing Services:

Cumulative Index:

To facilitate its readers in fast retrieval, the National Documentation Centre is engaged in preparing cumulative indexes of important Journals.  During the last five years, five journals viz. Indian Journal of Social Work, Social Action, Journal of Family Welfare, World Health Forum. have been indexed along with Author and Keywords index.

III) Current Awareness Services:

1)Press Clipping Services:

This work provides reproduction of significant full text research and news items from 22 daily newspapers in the field of Health & Family Welfare and other allied subjects.  News items are organised under broad subject headings such as Health Care, Diseases, Child Health, Biomedical Research, Human Genetics, Human Reproduction & Contraception, Medicine/vaccines, social problems, education, population, etc.  This is an extremely useful source of current events.  It is being published in English (monthly) and in Hindi (Qtly).  This service will be automated and made available on-line very soon.

2)List of Additions:

This current awareness service ‘List of Addition’ is designed to benefit its  users as a whole or in groups for the purpose of keeping them update about new arrivals in NDC.  it contains details of documents procured by NDC recently.  Entries are arranged broadly subject wise and contains complete bibliographical information of the document along with call number to facilitate retrieval of documents.  Append with the list is a subject index to facilitate the subject approach of the researchers.


Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) – this service was started in 1998.  In this service, the relevant full text articles are drawn from the current journals received in NDC and documented subject wise.  Multiple issues on the subjects such as reproductive and child health; population and development; health policy, planning and management; social welfare; family planning programmes; health services, health, population and family welfare statistics have been published.



This service provides the help to the readers to get the maximum references on a particular subject at one place.  Anticipatory service produced for the use of researchers and scientists for retrospective search working  in specific areas.  The bibliographies on   Reproductive and Child Health (1978-97), Bibliography on Leprosy Eradication Programme; Bibliography on Goiter Control programme;  Bibliography on blindness control programme;  Bibliography on mental health programme (1968-1999);Bibliography on Health Insurance; Population policy,  etc. have been published.


Do you know? -  Landmarks in Health Sciences (National and International). 

Five year Plans (consolidated volumes of the health and welfare parts available in five 

year plans from First five year plan to Ninth five year plan.

Develop Your Managerial Skills – It contains news items related to office management.

Computerised Databases:

Library Catalogue Search (OPAC)

- Health and Family Welfare Abstract Search

Theses Database Search

- Union catalogue of audio-visual material

CD-ROM Databases Search:

A)   Popline Database:

NDC also makes available popline database search which brings together over 2,50,000 records representing published and unpublished literature in all languages from all over the world. Approx.10,000 records are added annually.


Condoms is a searchable, multimedia, reference database allowing direct access to the most comprehensive, international collection of information, education and communication materials on condoms


HIM provides easy access to important research and programmatic literature on men’s participation in reproductive health. The collection includes full text journal articles, case studies, operations research reports, technical reports and books on the topics such as Gender, Couples, Men and Reproductive Health, IEC & Men etc.

D) ESCAP Population and Development Programme Database

E) Census of India 2001.

F) Student’s Seminar Papers & 1999-2001 – Bibliography of Population Research prepared by Data Centre, IIPS, Mumbai

G) AIDS-QUEST – the HIV/AID Survey Library

H) Molecular Cell Biology 4.0

I) Human Reproduction Update 1999

J) WHO Medicines bookshelf

K) Food and Nutrition Library

L) International Family planning perspectives (1990-99) and others